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Thursday the 20th of July 2006

08:34:28 PM (5660 days, 9h, 46min ago)

City of Lights

Hmmm.... This city of lights will be brighter than N.Y. & Vegas  & the sun combined.  Check what the source of lights will be.  Enough said?


Revelation 21:9-12

9-12 One of the Seven Angels who had carried the bowls filled with the seven final disasters spoke to me: "Come here. I'll show you the Bride, the Wife of the Lamb." He took me away in the Spirit to an enormous, high mountain and showed me Holy Jerusalem descending out of Heaven from God, resplendent in the bright glory of God.

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Posted by zaiya mariya:

It is very confusing for me to understand the meaning behind the city of light. We need to understand the message from this article. assisted living facilities near me New York In these lines, it tries to say that Heaven will be different than now. We need to know it.
Thursday the 11th of June 2020 @ 03:27:21 AM (586 days, 2h, 53min ago)

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