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Monday the 24th of July 2006

09:50:28 AM (5660 days, 22h, 20min ago)

Your Miracles or Unexplained via GOD

S'up.  Ever have something to happen to you, someone else or that you wittnessed; and it can not be explained but only accepted as an act of God?  Tell us....we want to hear!  Use the comment section to post you experiences.  Wittness to us.  It may be what someone else needs to hear. 

Back in '98 myself and Roberto Woods(elder @ New Birth & high school class mate) bought our 1st home.  Our homes were in this area of Brownsmill Rd where nothing or nobody lived.  But now there are houses all over the area.  Anyway.  There were only 3 residents in this new sub-division.  There were no street lights.  Well, I use to see Eddie( bishop Long @ New Birth) all the time.  I wanted him to pray over my home cause some crazy things were happening at night.  There would be footsteps in the attic.  Sometimes I felt something evil in the house was looking at me or following me.  Things got stupid when the presence in the house knew that I was a praying man and I did not fear it.  That really ticked it off.  So one night about 1 or 2 o'clock a.m., the footsteps in the attic turned into running.  But me being me, I laughed at the evil spirit, went and took a leak, then layed back in bed.  Then later, I just woke up.  I felt as though something off the chain was getting ready to happen to me.  And for a moment, I had fear in my heart.  All of a sudden there was stumping going on in the attic, right above my head.  It was like this evil spirit was trying to bring the ceiling down over my head. 

Out of nowhere, "BOOOM!"  It sounded as if a meteorite bust through the roof of the crib and landed in the attic.  Then, there was a scuffle.  Yes! A fist fight going on in my attic.  By the time I got out of bed a raced up the hall to the front door; it was silence in the house.  Yes!!! The noise, fist fight, was over.

It was not me but the Holy Ghost inside of me; sent and called an angel of God to help His child in need.  Praise be to God.  Wow!!!  The noise/evil in the attic....gone for good.  Everything was gravy.  But then, 3 years later; this new house keeper I got (without praying to God to clear the hire) brought an invisible friend of her's to the crib......  It eventually got so ticked off at me, that it would set off the house alarm all times of the day/night.  lol lol.  Door would open and close in the kitchen.  Do you see the point I'm getting at?  This evil spirit new what was inside of me.  The devil sent it over as an upgrade from the other demon that was in and out.  lol!!!  This demon new not to touch me or my booh or any other visitors because of what he saw and felt inside of the man of the house.  Do you know what that was?  Right...the Spirit.  So, he could only do things to try and scare me. 

Key note:  it was always the one ticked off.  Never me.

One day it scared my booh.  I stood in the middle of the house and informed this cat that in the name of Jesus I going to call Chief Prince Arch-angel Michael.  And it would end up like the demon before it.  That day forward, there were "Bams!" at the windows and doors.  However, nothing  but my booh's fear ever entered that house, my and the Lords home, again!




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Posted by Justin Jacob:

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