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Tuesday the 25th of July 2006

10:13:26 AM (5659 days, 21h, 10min ago)

5,000 Bibles Shipped To Arctic

5,000 Bibles Shipped To Arctic
By J. Grant Swank
Jul 22, 2006

They were gathering dust because it was too difficult to get them transported to the Arctic.

Sebastian Tirtirau, founder and director of the Pilgrim Relief Society, solved the problem.  He knew the permafrost in the world's remotest area where Inuit tribes live.  Not only was it difficult to get the Word of God to them, all else is especially difficult -- textbooks for education, medicine for health care, and so forth.

However, getting the gospel of Jesus Christ was paramount to the non-for-profit Pilgrim Relief Society head.  Tirtirau began his agency in 2001.  Its purpose is to improve the life of indigenous persons.  And not all live in the Arctic who are assisted by his care.  He reaches out to those in the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa, Amazonian forests of South America, Congo Pygmies, Papua New Guinea as well as the Inuits in northern Canada.

According to Elizabeth Lechlettner, Adventist News Network, Tirtirau has seen through some of the most tremendous expeditions in order to help get Bibles around the world.  He recalls Jesus' prophecy that prior to the Second Coming the whole world would be scoped with the gospel.  That is occurring right now in one technological advance or another. 

"'It's from Northern Canada that Tirtirau just returned.  When he learned 5,000 Bibles translated into the Inuit's Inuktitut language--printed by the Canadian Bible Society and purchased by It Is Written--were collecting dust because no one could conceive of how to get them to the Arctic, Tirtirau saw a mission with his name on it. 

"'Because 5,000 Bibles pose quite a shipping challenge--especially to the Arctic, where travel is costly--he split the cargo into two shipments,' said Shawn Boonstra, speaker/director for the It Is Written TV ministry, which recently partnered with the Pilgrim Relief Society."

What is so interesting about such endeavors is that they are going on around the globe daily -- and quietly.  Those seeing through the gospel commission to get out the message of salvation usually carry on without mush flourish.  In other words, they see through the counsel of Jesus to do good without the left hand knowing what the right hand is up to.  However, God the Father is watching and will reward in His own way and time.

"Upon his arrival to the Arctic, Tirtirau reunited with Inuits he befriended during an April 2005 mission trip.  Not only did the Inuit people welcome Tirtirau back to their villages, they provided dogsleds and helped him distribute the Bibles.  'If it wasn't for the kindness of the Inuit people, the North would be a much colder place,' Tirtirau remarked."

It is particularly imperative that Bibles reach the remote villages throughout the planet.  The one source of spiritual strength they need most is the Bible.  It provides them with life's basic questions and answers.  Particularly it reveals to them God's plan for reaching heaven.

What is a rather sad but interesting fact is that while affluent portions of Christendom lose their ways via apostasy, still others within the worldwide church work untiringly for the divine revelation -- without taking from or adding to. 

In other words, those sincerely carrying the gospel far and near refuse to tamper with the Word while such denominations as the Episcopal Church, Evangelical (excuse the misnomer) Lutheran Church of America, United Church of Christ (Congregational), Presbyterian segments, Mennonite segments, and United Methodist Church segments slice and dice the Book. 

They do so for the convenience of allowing wickedness.  They are doing so these days in honoring homosexual activity as God-ordained, an especial sin abhorred by God.

"Along with the ruthless weather and persistent poverty, Tirtirau cites boredom as one of the greatest challenges Inuit people face.  During summer in northern Canada, the sun shines nearly 24 hours a day.  The remoteness of the Inuit villages and their limited resources make books a rarity. 

"'I am so happy that they have Bibles to read so they can get a fresh hope for the life to come,' said Tirtirau.  The smiles of those who received Bibles certainly echo his sentiments. 

"Bibles have now been distributed to the Inuit villages of Iqaluit, Apex, Kimmirut, Pangnirtung, Qiqirtarjuak, Pond Inlet, Clyde River, Nanisivik, Arctic Bay, Resolute Bay, Grise Fjord, Sanikayak, Igloolik, and Cape Dorset, among others.  Three thousand homes (averaging five people each) have now received a Bible.  And Tirtirau will be back with the remaining 2,000. 

"Also during this trip, Tirtirau distributed 40 Bibles in Inuktitut to a local prison, where he says inmates were in a miserable state.  'The Bible will give them hope and will introduce them to Jesus,' he said."

Note that these mission carriers always highlight Jesus as God.  They believe in His provisions for personal salvation.  They are not out to ruin the centuries-old gospel tidings but instead pour all their efforts in taking what heaven has provided and spreading it as far as they can.

"Supported by an It Is Written television team led by Boonstra, Tirtirau's next expedition will send him to South Africa's Kalahari Desert in August."

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