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Thursday the 10th of August 2006

05:08:06 PM (5643 days, 13h, 55min ago)

Adultery....the price you may pay

Wife Sinks Teeth Into Cheating Husband Penis Problem
By tPC Staff
Aug 8, 2006

Let that be a lesson to you!  When his wife told him she was tired of his cheating ways, Richard Okwi should have paid more attention.  Otherwise, Mama Apio might not have felt compelled to bite his penis clean off.

Okwi, 29, was admitted to the Mulago hospital in Kampala in critical condition after his loving wife bit his penis off at some point during a domestic brawl.

Margaret Apio, 25, is currently in police custody facing charges of assault, grievous harm, or unlawful wounding.. they can't decide.

There is no word on the whereabouts of the penis, but doctors did believe a re-attachment wouldl be possible if it was found in time.

A neighbor of the couple said that they heard a commotion soon after a drunken Okwi returned home late at night.  They also intimated that the young wife complained regularly about her wayward spouse.  Says the informer, "Mama Apio has always been complaining about her husband.  She has always been saying she is tired of a cheating husband and once promised to teach him a lesson he would live to remember."

"It seems the quarrel had just began and shortly afterwards, we heard an alarm and wild cries from Okwi.  When we went to see what was wrong, we found him clutching his private area.  Blood was flowing and when he let his hands down, there was no penis," he added. 

Lesson learned, we presume. 

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