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Thursday the 24th of August 2006

03:17:41 PM (5625 days, 14h, 44min ago)

Don't tick God off

S'up....How vast is our universe? The distances in space are so great that we can only use the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) traveling for one whole year (a light year, about 5,879,000,000,000 miles) to measure them!   Let the sun be the size of an orange; on that scale of sizes the earth is a grain of sand circling in orbit around the sun at a distance of 30 feet; the giant planet Jupiter, 11 times larger than the earth, is a cherry pit revolving at a distance of . . . one city block; Saturn is another cherry pit two blocks from the sun; and Pluto, the outermost planet, is still another sand grain at a distance of ten city blocks from the sun.

On the same scale the average distance between the stars is 2000 miles.  The galaxy, on this scale, is a cluster of oranges separated by an average distance of 2000 miles, the entire cluster being 20 million miles in diameter.  And this is nothing compared to the space between galaxies!

Yet to God, the entire universe is not that impressive. He says He stretches the entire heavens "like a curtain, and spreads them out like a tent to dwell in" (Isaiah 40:22). So as vast as the universe appears to be, it's not nearly as awesome as our great God, who created it for His own pleasure and purpose.


  • just how big physically does One have to be in order to stretch out the universe(s) with His hands?
  • how large must His room, building or place of fabrication be in order to hold all of this?
  • with a 200 billion stars in every one of the 81,000 galaxies we know of; where does One store them by name?
  • how big is Heaven if His universe(s) are but tents to Him?
  • it's so high up that satan boasted about once being able to fly that high... so, how high up is the mountain that God's palace sits on?
  • how big is the single pearl used to cut out and make His gate around Heaven if the universe(s) are but tents to Him?
  • how big is the Father's brain for Jesus to admit that there are things that only the Father knows?
  • if the Father wants to take a long walk; on our scale, how far must that be in light years if the universe(s) are but tents to Him?
  • since the Father is more glorious in looks each day than the day before; how many millions of angels does it take to make garments that size if He can stretch out the universe(s) with His hands?
  • how long does it take the angels to clean a single window in the Father's palace being that it is larger than a tent or universe(s)?
  • just how large is He if He can physically be everywhere at one time?
  • is satan's stupidness larger than the Father is in physical Size?
  • if the Father can stretch out the universe(s) with His hands; that means His eye's pupils are larger than 2,000 galaxies that are thousand of light years wide; so when we have to kneel to God, what will it be like to look into His eyes? What will it be like entering the room and seeing a body that large?  to see a thrown as big as the universe?  that must be a big room? 
  • so when He kicked satan's butt and threw him to God's version of the ground; satan got slung further than the distance of a tent(universe).  DAMN!!!!!

FOLKS don't tick GOD off.....


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Posted by charlly korpa:

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