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Saturday the 16th of September 2006

08:22:23 PM (5606 days, 10h, 44min ago)

Minister Keva In-the House


Fuel for thought...

Ever wake up and don't want to get out of bed?

Ever fall asleep wondering how you made it through another day?

Ever spend an evening alone thinking how you can be where you are

Ever wonder why the chick down the street acts like a tramp but is
married and you're not?

Ever think about how someone else's child seems to be on the right path
and yours acts like they have lost their mind?

Ever wonder why your finances are always messed up and you can never
light at the end of the tunnel?

Ever wonder why Ms Thang next door is so cute and fine and you have a
hard time staying away from the table and keeping ten pounds off?

Ever think about why your husband seems to be the only one in your
circle of friends that still hasn't gotten himself together?

Ever wonder why you're still single?

Ever wonder why the person you love doesn't love you back?

The answer all of these questions could have me writing for days.

But, if any of these are you, the Holy Spirit sent me by this morning
give you some extra fuel.

You wake up and keep going because God has a plan for you (Jer 29:11).
You make it day by day because God ain't through with you yet.
alone or single because God is doing some things in you. Don't get it
twisted! It's not that he "just hasn't found you;" it's also because if
he did find you, you wouldn't be ready! God is perfecting some things
within you. Stop looking around thinking it's the other person.
It's you! There may be something wrong with them, but before you hook
up, God wants to get some things right with you!

So, stop looking around wondering why God seems to be passing out
blessings, but for some reason He passed your door! God passed your
on purpose. Don't talk about other people's glory, cuz you don't know
their story! You don't know why the tramp down the street is married.
You don't know how she got her man, and you don't know what she's going
through to keep him! Remember, the bible says, the wealth of the wicked
is laid up for the righteous! My brother, my sister, that's YOU! We are
so quick to look at what God is doing in others. We have to learn to
more attention to what God is doing in self. I know, it's
the truth is, you think you have it all together. You think you're ok!
With a few adjustments, and you'll be ahead of your game! Think
again...those few adjustments are just the areas that God needs to fix
before He moves you forward.

Do the Godly things "in spite of" that disobedient child, and/or
dishonorable husband, and watch them watch you as God fix the
You are the change agent! As they see the change in you, they'll be
inspired to move!

Fuel is what you need. Yes, you need fuel to be what God has you to be.
Well, did you stop by the fuel station? The church? That's where your
main source of fuel comes from. If not, be not dismayed, God is so
awesome, that He sent fuel right to your front door in the form of an
email. He's awesome like that! He knew just what you'd need, when you
need it! This is your fuel for today. Don't keep it to yourself, pass
on! Gas is high! Don't be stingy; God is getting ready to work.

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