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Thursday the 5th of October 2006

08:51:46 PM (5587 days, 10h, 6min ago)


After the Holy Rapture, Armageddon and the 1,000 year Millennium; satan will have served and completed his punishment/prison sentence for what he will have done to man.  The Word says he will then be released.  Well, after the Holy Rapture and Armageddon, the only folks alive will be those of us who are in the Book of Life and who were not placed in the 'lake of fire'....which leads me to this or these questions. 
Being that only saved folks from the time of Adam to Armageddon, are on God's earth and in God's Heaven, and being that those(we) saints know the difference between God and satan, and being that we know from what happened when the war in Heaven took place and satan and 1/3 of the hosts were kicked out and some sent to hades; what in the world can satan say to a large portion of the countless saints to persuade them to turn their backs on God and to follow him/satan and wage a stupid war?  I mean...I'm sure by the end of the Millennium, we all will have read the Book of Rev.  We all will know what's going to happen when satan is released.  But still, how can any saint volunteer to go to hell after the Rapture and the Millennium?  Then help me to understand if there is more than one Book of Life.  One that is pre-Millennium and another that is post-Millennium?  I ask that because if there is only one Book of Life, would it not include those who are going turn against God after satan is released from prison?
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