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Thursday the 5th of October 2006

08:54:42 PM (5587 days, 10h, 10min ago)


Hi.  Is there any place in the Bible where God has a conversation with Himself? lol. Meaning, God not only has dialog but back and forth conversation(s) with folks like, Adam, Enoch, Moses, Job, John (in the spirit) and so on.  At the transfiguration, the Father spoke but Jesus is not documented to have spoken back to Him/the Father.  At His baptism, the Father spoke, the Holy descended but Jesus did not speak.  The New testiment tells us how often Jesus prayed to the Father but unlike Isaiah or Ezekiel or Daniel; I can't locate the Father responding back with words or by angels.  On the cross, Jesus speaks and wants to know why He(Jesus) has been foresaken by the Father.  But the Father/Jesus does not speak back to Himself?  And please..lol... don't say that the one God does not talk to Himself.  We know the Father said, "...let Us make man in Our...." but other than action(s), Jesus or the Holy Ghost are not documented as speaking a response.
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