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Thursday the 5th of October 2006

08:55:44 PM (5587 days, 10h, 14min ago)

Question 3

Each and everyone one of you is a preacher/man of God.  Each of you respond when I address you by your name and not your title.  So who better to ask this to other than you cats....  When I look through the Bible I....let's say the 'table of context', I see all these cats addressed by their  1st name.  I read were God tells Moses to have the people address Him by what ever they are need of "I AM".  The Son says to call Him by His name.  And well, even though we don't know the Holy Ghost's name; He is part of the one and only living God.  So, based how can publicly and privately speak to the Father and the Son; I sure we could also address the Glorified Intercessor by His name, too.  This leads me to my question.  Why is that most, not all, but most men and women of God demand to be addressed by their 'title' and not their name?  If it is disrespectful to call them by name in public, private, e-mail and so on; is it not disrespectful to address the Biblical profits, kings, disciples and apostles by name and 'title'?  Or is something wrong with my thinking for simply wanting consistency?

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