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Thursday the 12th of October 2006

08:48:42 PM (5580 days, 11h, 14min ago)


S'up.  This brother was so hype;I think we all hope God views us as He did this cat.The first century BCE text was found among the Dead Sea Scrolls in Cave 11 and was composed of 13 fragments and focused on the end time and the coming deliverance of Melchizedek. This non-canonical text speaks of the rebellion of Satan/Belial and of the promised destruction of Satan in the end times.
This document pre-dates Christ by at least a century.  Melchizedek is described as being so "raw" and "off the chain"; God demanded this cat be paid tithes!  Abraham, had to give Melchizedek 10 percent of what he had.   Check out Hebrews 5:5-10 & 7:1, 2, 11, 17.
Hebrews 5:
 5 So too Christ (the Messiah) did not exalt Himself to be made a high priest, but was appointed and exalted by Him Who said to Him, You are My Son; today I have begotten You; 
 6 As He says also in another place, You are a Priest [appointed] forever after the order (with [a]the rank) of Melchizedek.
8 Although He was a Son, He learned [active, special] obedience through what He suffered
9 And, [His completed experience] making Him perfectly [equipped], He became the Author and Source of eternal salvation to all those who give heed and obey Him,
10 Being designated and recognized and saluted by God as High Priest after the order (with the rank) of Melchizedek.
Hebrews 7:1-2, 11,
1 FOR THIS Melchizedek, king of Salem [and] priest of the Most High God, met Abraham as he returned from the slaughter of the kings and blessed him,
 2 And Abraham gave to him a tenth portion of all [the spoil]. He is primarily, as his name when translated indicates, king of righteousness, and then he is also king of Salem, which means king of peace.
11 Now if perfection (a perfect fellowship between God and the worshiper) had been attainable by the Levitical priesthood--for under it the people were given the Law--why was it further necessary that there should arise another and different kind of Priest, one after the order of Melchizedek, rather than one appointed after the order and rank of Aaron?
17 For it is witnessed of Him, You are a Priest forever after the order (with the rank) of Melchizedek.
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