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Friday the 13th of October 2006

05:45:12 PM (5579 days, 13h, 16min ago)

List of Things to Use to Dip

    1. Potato chips
    2. Potato sticks
    3. Veggie sticks
    4. Corn chips
    5. Tiny rice crackers
    6. Bagel chips
    7. Pita triangles
    8. Apple slices
    9. Rounds of zucchini
    10. Cucumber slices
    11. Bell pepper strips
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Posted by Things to do:

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Wednesday the 25th of August 2021 @ 05:38:12 AM (150 days, 1h, 23min ago)

Posted by MariyaDorothy:

Yes... Yes... You have given a good list. These are my favourite ones. Potato chips, potato sticks and corn chips are the most lovely ones for me. Anyway, nice post. Sometimes you are sharing about foods. useful link I like it anyway.
Friday the 18th of September 2020 @ 11:27:43 AM (490 days, 19h, 33min ago)

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