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Sunday the 19th of November 2006

08:21:40 AM (5542 days, 22h, 49min ago)

Take of God cause He takes care of you....

After you take care of the bills put some of that play money in God's hands....


-Provision: Cause  God has and will continue to provide.

-Problem(s): Negative thinking that you have and God brought and still brings you through it.

-Promise: Cause and so God will continue to take care of you.

-Blessing(s): So God wil stretch and add to your blessings.

-Safety: So God will protect and watch over you.  So God will keep you from being dead while alive.

-Faith: So God will increase your faith and hope.

Don't hold up God's mission in your life.  Obey Him so you will and can do better.

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Posted by charlly korpa:

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Posted by Darmansyah:

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Posted by Anonymous:

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