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Monday the 11th of December 2006

03:09:48 PM (5516 days, 14h, 4min ago)

Remember when folks got angry if you denounced God?

Daniel 3:29

29 "Therefore I issue this decree: Anyone anywhere, of any race, color, or creed, who says anything against the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego will be ripped to pieces, limb from limb, and their houses torn down. There has never been a god who can pull off a rescue like this."


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Posted by charlly korpa:

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Tuesday the 24th of November 2020 @ 02:13:45 AM (420 days, 3h, 0min ago)

Posted by Darmansyah:

Thanks this post help me
Monday the 14th of September 2020 @ 12:15:42 PM (490 days, 17h, 58min ago)

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