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Thursday the 21st of December 2006

11:27:41 PM (5510 days, 7h, 4min ago)

Keeping it real

"Look to Me and be saved, all the ends of the earth!  For I am God, and there is no other."
Isaiah 45:22
 Good Day Lord God!
Unlike most saved ‘Saved’ folks, I confess that I’m not perfect in my ways.  I sometimes have a spirit of fear of failure.  Though I don’t play, I sometimes ponder what it would be like to win the “LOTO”.  I pray for my enemies to be blessed daily but sometimes when You remove some of those threats of flesh, I feel cheerful instead of sorrow like David did.  Though I’m unemployed, I don’t always pay my tithes as though through faith, it would gesture that You do have a job for me.  At the ‘Frank Ski youth Bowl’ a child’s mother had an onion as big as the football stadium, dear Lord.  And I had to go and run behind a fellow Ruff Ryder so he would block my view, confess my sin of look at her for 5 seconds to him and to You, until he told me she was gone out of view.  I know I’m the only Saved man of God who can be in the presence of my idea of super fine women all day and I will see no evil, speak no evil and ignore any evil I hear.  But sometimes when I remove my ‘Armor of God’ in what I view as a safe place; events as such will occur.  So, like you told the disciples to do, I pray that you continue to deliver me from all seen and unseen spiritual, fleshly, financial, health and unmerciful temptations.  I pray that like my Berean cousin in Christ, when my self confidence is gone, the Holy Ghost and His legions of angels, will feed me spiritually as they did You after Your victorious battle with satin.  
To you, the CEO of Kings,
The Revelation of Peace,
The Strong Point of Almighty,
The Omnipotent One,
The Holy of Holies,
The Undefined and all Encompassing I Am,
The Lord’s Angel,
The Devine Lover of Truth,
The Quasar of Psychology,
The Jewelry Maker of Glory,
The Pinnacle of Greatness,
The Messiah of Everlasting,
The highest Mount of Authority,
The Sugar Kane Root of Eternal Light,
The Soothing Flame of Everlasting Peace; I confess that you are God.
Thanks Giving
Thank You for Jesus, His death and Resurrection.  Thank You for my enemies and friends.  Thank You for Min. Henry, Elder Nash and Pastor Kevin.  Thank You for the RR’s & Glenifer being a part of my life, Praise be to God!  Thank You for the victory over cancer and brain damage and memory lose and paralysis.  Thank You for not letting this Saturday be the start of my 12th month in the grave.  Thank You for my past, present and future sins being forgiven.  Thank You for Sparks new job.  Thank You for being the only living God…
Lord please continue to bless Min. Randolph and Min. Diallo.  Please continue to bless my enemies, in Jesus name.  Keep the Ruff Ryder’s safe.  If you taught angels to safely fly and drive chariots of fire through the heavens, if your Son stepped on a cloud and rode it passed Pluto and the 400 billion stars in every galaxy until He reached Heaven; I know there is endless knowledge, skills and wisdom to instill and cover the RR’s with both on and off the bikes.  Please keep Berean at the top, middle and bottom of Your list of blessings.
Allow all of this that I pray to lift up Your name even higher than it already is, Master.
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Posted by Zera Thomaz:

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