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Thursday the 21st of December 2006

11:35:32 PM (5510 days, 7h, 0min ago)

I'm so pissed off

I’ve been bothered when I see and hear the folks on radio, TV, and in public speak of a second Jesus and God the Father that I know nothing about.  They speak things about this other Jesus and YAWAH/Jehovah that must confuse and have satist scratching their heads.  Why?  Well, to be a satist you have to believe in his enemy; God the Father, Son & Holy Ghost!  And as a satist, if you don’t believe in the Trinity and that God is real…then that makes you a satist who feels ‘that the devil is a liar.’  Lol.  So, for a fool to follow satan, they must believe in the real Father, the real Jesus and the real Holy Ghost just as we Christians do.  This other(fake) God that so many believers, not Christians but believers believe in; has so much  sway for something make believe.  This other god has folks saying in one breath, “these are the end times.  The Rapture is closer than we think.”  However, in their next breath; these same folks are smiling and talking about how a recently passed gay r & b singer and another singer who was a ‘Jehovah’ witness, are in Heaven singing sold out shows for their god and their passed loved ones are in attendance.  Hmmmm….  Ok.  If those two cats are performing sold out concerts in Heaven, and their dead friends and family members are at the shows; then who is my Jesus coming for when the “…dead in Christ shall rise…”?  These same folks who believe in the Rapture think ‘the sleeping saints’ of God are wide awake in Heaven.  Why do these same folks believe homosexuality is a hell bound sin unless you’re a celebrity?  Why do these same folks say the ‘Jehovah’ witnesses are a hell bound cult but if you can sing, their (not my) God will let you slide on in to Heaven?  They say these things and more; only to have those Christians, who believe, serve and follow the only real and living God, say nothing to correct them.  That makes me angry.
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