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Tuesday the 27th of February 2007

07:27:08 PM (5442 days, 11h, 24min ago)

Wait on the Lord

We all say, "...I'm going to wait on the Lord to order my footsteps..."  But is it not funny that when the time comes to do this; either we think twice about waiting on God's orders and/or our family in Christ (like Job's wife) proclaim to the world that we are 'foolish' for doing so, due to the situation(s).  Hmmmm.  But as children of the Most High God, we should celebrate these times.  Why?  I have learned that the deeper I sink; the higher God's glory will rise in me and shine to the world, when He delivers me.  lol..  Holy Ghost, you so funny.  So don't be afraid of heights.  lol...Cause with the only Living God on your side, you will be rising to the top!  All the time, even in the mist of defeat; God have a multitude of victories just for you in Jesus' Holy name.  So just like in good time, in troubled times; stay focused on God and believe in His promise to you. lol...  I love you Holy Ghost!
For the waters have come up to my neck.  I sink in deep mire, Where there is no standing; I have come into deep waters, Where the floods overflow me.  I am weary with my crying; My throat is dry; My eyes fail while I wait for my God.  (Verse 13~14) But as for me, my prayer is to You, O LORD, in the acceptable time; O God, in the multitude of Your mercy, Hear me in the truth of Your salvation.  Deliver me out of the mire, And let me not sink; Let me be delivered from those who hate me, And out of the deep waters.
Psalm 69:1~3,13~14
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