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Thursday the 9th of August 2007

10:20:22 AM (4801 days, 6h, 37min ago)

The Antichrist

Post Rapture Saint,  Please find a way to get, ready, study, copy and spread this book to as many beloved as you/we can!   The Holy Ghost has NOT left the Earth.  He is still here even after the Rapture to aid the Father and His Holy angels in carrying out the Master's mission.....part of is not to prevent you form being a martyr for God but to aid you in doing so to glorify His Holy Name!!!!


Minister Sal....




Aliens and the Antichrist: Unveiling the End Times Deception BOOK By John W. Milor


Aliens and the Antichrist: Unveiling the End Times Deception BOOK By John W. Milor AntichristBook

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Aliens and the Antichrist is a unique, prophetic Bible commentary highlighting over seven hundred scriptures that document the existence and significance of extraterrestrial life. Book Description
A riveting, prophetic Bible commentary, Aliens and the Antichrist: Unveiling the End Times Deception highlights more than seven hundred scriptures that document the existence, relevance, and significance of extraterrestrial life. While uncovering the enigma of alien life, author John Milor reveals several compelling facts about the history behind the upcoming Armageddon. Discussions include:

The fall of Lucifer and his angelic kingdom that existed on Earth before Adam and Eve
The rapture of the church
The rise and fall of the Antichrist
The second coming of Christ and the millennial reign of Christ
The Nephilim, human/angel hybrids of Genesis Chapter Six and their relationship with the Antichrist · The realms of heaven and hell
The origin of dinosaurs, Cro-Magnon man, and Neanderthals
Civilizations on Mars and elsewhere in the universe
Other topics touched upon include the existence of Atlantis; ghosts; artificial intelligence; psychic abilities; astral projection; and more The Earth is the setting for the conclusion of an ancient war amid countless beings of unfathomable power—a war that has spanned across eons, galaxies, and dimensions. For those interested in receiving the full revelation from the Bible about extraterrestrial beings, where they come from, why they come, and what they want, Aliens and the Antichrist is for you.

Format: Paperback, Size: 6 x 9, Pages: 282

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